Learn to Improvise with "Total Fretboard Freedom" in as little as 21 days! (so you can play awesome Rock, Blues, Solos  (and more!) 

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Improver Ukulele Players who want to improvise and "open up" the Fretboard

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A strategic and fun 3 Step Program  Program to take you from Beginner right up to Intermediate level on Ukulele with over 35 video lessons, including PDFs with tabs, downloadable backing tracks, original pieces and more....

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How to easily Improvise and "Open Up" the Ukulele Fretboard so you can Get Playing the music YOU love!

The easiest pathway to building a solid foundation and becoming confident at Improvising and playing your favourite music on Ukulele!


Its not easy trying to learn Ukulele.  Its even more difficult if you are trying to navigate all the "confusing" information online.

When you’re first starting out, your fingers don’t go where you want them to, your fingertips get sore, and it seems impossible to even get one chord sounding clean without any buzzing.

But then after a LOT of practice, you reach a breakthrough - you can now change chords while still strumming!
It feels like such a huge accomplishment.
But, in another way it’s also just the beginning of your journey as a guitar player, still determined, you continue to keep working at it.  

You learn some more chords, you learn a few simple melodies and maybe even a scale, and maybe you learn how to read tabs or chord charts.

Over time, with patience and consistency, you start to get better.  

After a few months though, you start to notice things have slowed down... 

  • You arent practicing enough - "Yes that must be it!"    
  • Maybe its your hands they are the wrong size or the wrong shape     
  • Maybe your Ukulele isnt "a good fit" and its holding you back?     
  • Maybe you just havent watched the right videos or bought the best books?  

However, it's actually none of these. Instead:

The key difference between struggling and making great progress is:

Knowing HOW and WHAT to Practice and having ACCOUNTABILITY.

The truth is that:

Most beginners just don't know HOW to practice and end up working on the WRONG things.

So a few months into your playing and things arent going the way you had planned...

You haven’t made much progress at all.

You are looking again for answers online or Youtube but they just aren't there.  

Your hands still feel uncomfortable, even on some open chords and even the thought of that “F chord” seems like a total impossibility right now.

Your left and right hand are not co-operating and chord changes are out of time.

You are always playing the same rhythms and are stuck trying to move forward to something that just sounds better.

Your knowledge of music theory just doesn’t exist.

You can feel that little by little, your enthusiasm is draining and that “buzz” you had at the start and that “practice commitment” is slowly starting to disappear – everyday has now become – 3 times a week at most and you are now “making excuses” NOT to practice at all.

And when you do have the odd hour or two free and you do look at the guitar, it only reinforces that feeling again and again of “this is hopeless” and you have to realise that 3 months or even 6 months have passed and not much has changed at all.

So your BIG question now is - What has went wrong here?

It probably started way back when you first picked up the Ukulele.

Its more than likely - you just didnt start with a solid roadmap for WHAT and HOW to practice from the outset.

As a beginner the worst possible thing you can do is to practice the wrong things from the start - its nearly as bad as not practicing at all!

So if you’re stuck in a rut and unhappy with your lack of progress, it could have a lot to do with the training materials you’ve been using up until now.  

Because a lot of the books and courses out there are great but all too often they are filled with stuiff thats just not relevant to you as a beginner.  

The other extreme is where loads of Ukulele players tend to spend all of their time just playing along to their 3 favourite songs and only look for other songs with those same chords and never really progress any further.  

It really is no wonder so many beginners get frustrated within a few months of starting Ukulele.

Well, you might be really happy to hear that....

Despite The Struggles you have had so far, heres some good news - you CAN Get Good At Ukulele!

Ukulele should be a source of pleasure.  

Something you can pick up and chill out with and look forward to playing everyday and with the right approach it can be.

You can make steady and consistent progress EVERY TIME you sit down to practice to the point where you just know you are improving.

You can have that total feeling of satisfaction that you are working on the right things and are actually playing music instead of learning to play music.

It is totally possible to gain the skills and knowledge and be in that situation where at last everything just works.

You can have the confidence to play in front of the family, at a gig, in a Ukulele group, even play on stage and sing - why can't any of that be possible? Right? 

Here's where everything is going to change for you!

The Good News is there is a Proven Method for Learning Ukulele.

At this point, you already know that consistent and focused practicing is the key to becoming a great Ukulele player.
And by using the Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator - 3 Step Method I’m about to share with you, you’ll also:  

✅Have the ability to make rapid, consistent, predictable progress in as little as 15 minutes per day.
✅Understand the theory behind the songs you’re playing so you’re free to unleash your inner musician and rock your own riffs, chord fill ins, solo's, spice up those "bland" chords and play more interesting progressions and on the spot!

✅Actually look forward to practicing because you’ll be having fun and will be enjoying the satisfaction of seeing your hard work pay off.
You can experience all these things, whether you’re a total beginner or coming back to Ukulele after a few years...  but they DO depend on using a specific, step-by-step “practice method” to get you there.  

One that uses only proven, effective teaching methods, developed over years of lessons that never feel boring, outdated, or overly-theoretical but focus on "hands on" playing as a priority.

One that’s been my "secret weapon" for helping my in-person students make consistent progress in both technical skill and musical knowledge week after week, year in, year out.  And…  

One you’ll excitedly feel in a couple of months from now will have you totally crushing songs, riffs, chord fill in's and progressions you thought were WAY beyond your ability. 

Hi, my name is James Ledley.

I first picked up a Ukulele when I was 20 years old.

At age 15, I was a kid who just loved music - I actually started on the drums then moved to Bass Guitar and then Guitar.

I developed a decent playing ability on Guitar and always loved the sound of the Uke (actually I also thought about playing Mandolin but decided on the Ukulele instead).  I had an old soprano Ukulele that wasnt great but its all I had at the time and I went about starting to learn.

Wow those days were tough, trying to play Barre Chords on a Soprano Ukulele wasn't easy - despite playing Guitar for a while at that stage I found it was still tough.

I loved "The Smiths" and just wanted to play their music but it was on Guitar so didn't suit the Ukulele. I also loved Jimi Hendrix and that was the reason I got into Guitar but I still loved the sound of the Ukuleel and it was a nice "change" from Guitar all the time.

These days, I really enjoy teaching Ukulele Full time and have been teaching since 2006. I love passing on what I have learned and watching others enjoy Ukulele and grow to love playing their favourite music the way I do.

Thats why I started my Youtube Channel - originally it had a lot of covers and then I started to devote my time to helping others with Ukulele (and Guitar).  

I try and help others with their playing and share songs and riffs that interest me from everything I have learned over the years.  

I also got my Dip LCM in Performance way back in 2014 - thats was a challenge but well worth it.  

For 18 years, I taught private lessons to hundreds of students of all ages and all different skill levels in private, 1-on-1 sessions.  

And what I’ve learned over those years of teaching is that in order to make consistent progress, you MUST have a plan and a well organized method for learning and practicing.  

So with many months of work and research, I put together a program that is exactly that.  

I’m so excited to introduce you to…

A straightforward 3 Step Method that takes away all the "fluff" and headaches from learning Ukulele and guides you Step by Step with exactly what you need to work on and when.

Guaranteeing you’ll practice Ukulele more consistently, with more focus and enthusiasm and most importantly, with far more fun and enjoyment than you have ever experienced before.

Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator is based on my 3 Step Method drawn from my experiences after 18+ years of teaching full time, one to one lessons to beginners and improvers from all walks of life and of all abilities.....

Its a system that simply makes learning Ukulele faster, easier and so much FUN.

Ok - I'm am so ready to get started!...

Upfront (One Off) payment of £197 (save £43)

Pay Monthly with 4 payments of £60

With Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator - and 3 Simple Steps you will learn to :

With the Get Playing Accelerator 3 Step Method working for you - it will be easy to see your progress as you move through the Program.

Even after a few short weeks you will start to see your playing improving and at the same time you will be learning the essentials to play Ukulele including:

✅The most Common Chords and Rhythms
✅How to co ordinate the right and left hand with easy to follow tips and exercises
✅Scales including Open, Blues and Fretted Scales and how to use them
✅How to easily use Chord Fill Ins and "Spice Up" your chords
✅Develop excellent Timing and Rhythm
✅How to Improvise and add riffs and solos to chord progressions and the songs you already know
✅Essential techniques including (Left and Right Hand) Raking, Fingerstyle and more...

Here's what you will learn inside Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator

PLUS - You will have exclusive, private access to the Get Playing Ukulele  Facebook Support Group

This is a PRIVATE Members Only group for students of the Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator Program

Here we have regular trainings and you can post any issues you may be having with your playing and James will get straight on to help you out and get you moving again.

What students say about the Program:

Colm Murphy

I had been thinking about starting Ukulele and decided to join the Get Playing Ukulele Facebook Group.   I then noticed James mentioned the Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator Program.

I was finding it tough making any progress and after a chat with James on zoom he was really helpful and I thought I would give it a go. What I found I needed was some guidance and when James said he would also be coaching regularly thats what drew me in – I wanted that “hands on” help from someone rather than sitting struggling on my own with Youtube getting stuck and frustrated.

I really needed some help with my chord changing and co ordination and James has been brilliant – also giving me tips and advice outside of the coaching sessions – he is always open to helping and nothing is too much trouble.  

So glad I joined, thinking back I would probably still be stuck. 

Olive Hobson

My thoughts- I am enjoying and benefitting from being a course participant on James’ ‘Get Playing Ukulele’ online programme.

James explains clearly and succinctly how to learn the basics of playing demonstrating easy and manageable chords for a beginner while also teaching other basic tips about how to improve my playing.

What I particularly appreciate on the course is: I can work at a pace that fits for me - nothing is forced so that learning is not ‘a chore’ but rather enjoyable.

One other particularly special aspect is that James takes time personally to check in with me to find out how I am getting along - I find this a very human approach to on line teaching. I am never afraid to say exactly how it is going for me- James is very understanding of difficulties/challenges that creep up as a beginner.

A very special learning course. I recommend it highly.

Asta J.

Hello guys long post ⚠️ so i do apologise in advance. I just wanted to say a little bit on here to maybe help some people who have only just started out learning the Ukulele like myself.

I started 3 weeks ago now and have absolutely no music background whatsoever but wanted to learn the Ukulele and got myself one 🤪 the 1st thing i done was went onto youtube and begun learning my trade as a new Ukulele player😀 after maybe 100 beginners🤪 videos and so much information it was clear to me the road was long and going to get longer 😀 i wanted to teach myself absolutely everything about the Ukulele but for me it wasnt happening like I thought so i decided to join this group and seek help.

After a few txt back and forwards looking for that help i had been chatting to james and he had told me about the beginners programme and how that might help me on my journey so after a couple a days thinking about it i decided to give it a go, i can honestly say its been brilliant so far and has definitely giving me what i was looking for.

It teaches you the basics and helps you understand more something i feel you dont get from a youtube video and 3-4 days in im already playing a melody not great by any means but the Ukulele s talking to me now 😀😀 any issues with the course james has been there at the end of a txt or a zoom call to explain what im needing to do. For me it gives me structure and basically homework which is great and lots to work on.

Guys if your like me and are just wondering what to do next as the youtube video isnt working for you its definitely something to think about i would definitely recommend it especially for the total novice like myself.

Declan Brady 

Before I made contact with James I had started and then quit Ukulele on numerous occasions but since Ive been taking lessons with James through his Get Playing Accelerator Program I haven’t looked back since.

Brilliant Teacher, extremely knowledgeable and cleary passionate about his craft.  

Ive missed a couple of coaching sessions due to work committments but he is always checking in to see if there is anything he can do to help me with my playing, he’s very much got his students interests at heart and I could not recommend James highly enough.

Great teacher 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Ok - I've heard enough and just want to get started right away...

Upfront (One Off) payment of £197 (save £43)

Pay Monthly with 4 payments of £60

Answers to questions you might be wondering about before you join:

What’s the difference between Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator and watching Youtube Videos?

Great question!

Compared to other ways of learning from books or Youtube videos you might find, the difference in massive.  

Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator is where I cover the small details and tips that you wont get on Youtube videos because they are, in the case of shorts - there is no way to cover the problems that arise in a 60 sec video and in the case of other videos there are simply sometimes just some poor lessons that can actually take you in the "wrong" direction! You could be doing that without even realising it.

Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator has been specially developed to cater for the concerns I know will arise so you don't have to worry i.e, chord progressions, co ordinating the left and right hands, why your Barre Chords are not coming together and ways to fix that, which scales to use and how to use them and loads more.

I have (over years of teaching) studied the difficulties that most beginners and improvers have and put extensive knowledge into this program so you can be sure you will not get "held up" with  the usual difficulties that arise that hold everyone back on Ukulele.

Each lesson builds on that last so you dont feel overwhelmed and its easy to take your time and go back and re watch the lesson and if you still have any problems, get in touch and I will only be too glad to help you.

What if I’m a total beginner, will Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator work for me?

Yes, absolutely.  I designed Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator with Beginner Ukulele Players in mind. Even if you’ve never picked up a Ukulele before, you won’t feel lost or overwhelmed. That’s why we start with the core fundamentals, like fretting, strumming, and basic chords, before moving onto more intermediate topics a bit later. I made sure to explain everything in detail every step of the way so we arent (brushing) over everything too quickly, so the lessons are simple to follow and easy put into practice.

Plus, when you sign up today, you’ll get instant access to the Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator Private Support Group when you can find answers to questions you might already have.

What if I need to ask questions or get stuck, can I get help quickly?

Getting in touch is easy just post a video in the Facebook group or send me a private video or message  in the chat and I'll take a look or reply to the chat and see how you are getting on and where I can help.  You can join the Private Support Group when you enroll in the course. If you are not a Facebook person, you can send me an email - I'm checking my emails daily :)  

I'm here for you and I love interacting and hearing about everyones progress and answering everyone's questions. I will also host a Q&A session on Zoom twice per month every month for students where you can ask your questions live. 

Who is Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator NOT for?

If you’re proficient at playing barre chords, know your scales backwards and forwards, have extensive practice finger picking, have played loads of rhythms and have great technique and are knowledgeable about music theory, this course will be too basic for you.

How long before I start seeing awesome results with Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator?

If you’re following the lessons and practicing at least 15 minutes each day, you’re going to see progress very quickly – most likely by the end of the first module. And if you commit to completing all modules, I guarantee you’re going to make significant progress in your ability and have a better insight into music, how it works and how to actually add to your playing and add your own "touch" so it feels more persoanl to you.

How long do I have access to the course?

When you join Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator, you get lifetime access to all modules and course materials.

That includes:      

All videos and lessons inside the
3 Step Method - everything seperated into 3 sections so you know you are working on the right thing at the right time:

1. Build The Foundation
2. Learn the essential skills
3. Play your favourite music

Bonus #1: Membership of the exclsuive Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator Private Support Group Face Group
Bonus #2: Access to regular "Live" Coaching each month where you can show up ask any question you like and I will only be too happy to help you move forward.  

Bonus #3: Access to James' extensive song library and song sheets for whatever stage you are at - James will suggest a suitable song for your level and you can then have song and lead sheets that you can trust that have been tried and tested over years of lessons.  So you know they are correct and easy to follow.

PLUS - a NEW special BONUS section - Soloing and The Blues on The Ukulele taking you from the ground up - covering which scales to learn, how to use those scales, super useful "moveable riffs", set solo pieces and the essential techniques including Bends, Hammer On's and Pull Off's, Slide, Vibrato,  all the essentials to get you soloing and improvising on the Ukulele in no time!

Still undecided?

  You’ll know Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator is right for you if: 

✅You’re a beginner who’s serious about getting good at Ukulele and you’re ready to “go all in” and commit to a proven training program.  
✅You want to be great, but don’t have a lot of time to practice… you’ve got work, school, and a social life, which makes playing for hours at a time unrealistic... but you’re confident you can find 15 minutes each day to get better.

✅You want "Fretboard Freedom" at last so you can pick it up and do exactly what you alwasy wanted to do "improvise!" ie., just know exactly what to play and when to play it and you know it will sound good!

✅ You’ve been playing on and off for months (or even years) without a solid roadmap in place and want a clear plan for progression… or you’re an intermediate player who wants a refresher on the fundamentals so you can take your technique to the next level.    

✅You look forward to the idea of building a solid foundation for playing Ukulele and having the ability to create and play incredible-sounding music.  

If any of those points resonate with you, this course will be a good fit. 

Join Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator

When you enroll in the Program you'll get LIFETIME Access to all Program materials.

 Here's what you get when you join us at Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator:

🎸 Modules 1 to 7:

Learn The Basics,
Practice Tips and Advice,
Essential Chords and Scales,
Learn How to play Melody and Chord/Melody,
Learn How to Change Chords smoothly and in time 

🎸 Modules 8 to 11:

Learn how to read rhythms easily so you can simply pick up your Ukulele and work out the rhythm, Learn the Essential Fingerstyle Techniques,
How to use Chord Fill Ins

🎸 Modules 12 - 15:
Start Working on your Barre Chords (including all the essential Barre Chord Shapes,
Learn to combine everything up this point and change in an out of Open and Barre Chords easily,  
Learn the "secrets" to making your chords sound "extra special"
Learn the keys to 1000's of songs and how to play those songs with ease,
Learn How to work out your own rhythms to songs and be able to play and sing 

🎸 Module 16 - BONUS Module -Learn how to improvise on the Ukulele playing lead solo's and using riffs and Techniques to bring your playing to the next level!

 🎸Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator Workbook: (Valued at £97)
       Total value £697

Ok - this sounds great - I want in!..

Upfront (One Off) payment of £197 (save £43)

Pay Monthly with 4 payments of £60

The most crucial ingredient for success in music is what you practice - thats it.  

Everyone wishes they were born knowing how to play Ukulele....

To be able to wow our friends and family, to get on stage, or record your own songs and maybe even get fasmous, but to get to that level of skill, we need to take stock of where we are today and accept that we take the actions that will get us to where we need to go.  

Whats the alternative?

Bad habits, doing more of the same that probably hasnt got you very far, more hunting up lessons online still with no one to advise if you are actually learning the right things in the right order which can lead to even more frustration and just stagnating for another year, maybe longer.

Imagine looking back in 12 months and realising (as I hear all the time from beginners who are struggling) that you arent any further on - you can't get that time back - that's bit of a scary thought.

On the other hand imagine looking back in 6 or 12 months time from now at how far you’ve come and how much closer you are getting to playing Ukulele the way that YOU always wanted too.

Getting closer to being able to express the music that’s inside you?  

With Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator, you have that chance, to build a solid foundation for lifelong musical enjoyment.   To be able to channel the music that’s in your mind onto the fretboard and get it out there, feeling yourself getting better and knowing that is the case every single time you sit down to play.  

Imagine, not too far from now, finally being able to play that song that always seemed beyond your grasp.  

Imagine having the confidence to share your playing with others, and even put music out there online. And imagine being good enough to play your first live show seeing the faces of your friends and family in the crowd, feeling the rush of exhilaration and joy as they look at you with big, happy smiles.  

Theres simply is no feeling like it (I know Ive done it) its hard to put into words exactly what that feels like.  

So, if you want to set yourself up for a lifetime of creative expression, joy, and fulfillment playing Ukulele I’d be excited to welcome you inside Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator.