Get Playing Lead Guitar
    (Acoustic or Electric Guitar)

The Lead Guitar Book you've been waiting for!

 Finally! a Lead Guitar Book that takes the idea of  soloing and makes it so easy you can create YOUR OWN epic solos in as in as little as 15 minutes!

*please note this book is only available in Ebook format with 52 MP3  Downloads of all backing tracks - Image is for illustration purposes only 

"Excellent book - A lot of helpful info in here!"    P..J.

"Lovely book - A great help A+++++++"    Peter M.

This book was written to make it so easy learning to solo and to get you playing straight away with easy to follow riffs that more imporantly sound good!

Because the sooner you start actually soloing, the faster you start sounding good and LOVING adding riffs and licks to your exisiting songs and creating your own incredible solos!

And after all, that's what it's ALL about, right?

And for a very limited time you will also get *BONUS extra backing tracks in various styles.  I use these in my lessons with my students AND  my "Essential Riffs" collection that you can use in loads of situations,  when playing Country, Blues, Bluegrass, Pop, Rock - I've created these over 20+ years of teaching and soloing - absolutely not available anywhere else!

*Available to the first 50 people only*

And if thats not eneough I'll also send you my "Soloing Checklist" I use this in lessons with my students and they love the way it triggers ideas for them when putting together solos or riffs and licks!

Imagine this...

You're going round to a friends house for a jam and they ask you to bring your guitar.  You know they are good players and you don't want to feel stupid not being able to play a riff or solo.


You just want to be able to lift the guitar - get the key of the song and just rip straight into a cool solo, combine notes with chords, add fill ins and intros while being totally confident you know where to go what riffs to put in and even "extra" notes that you know will still fit perfectly!


Its been bugging you for so long (even years) that you can't play lead guitar and be able to solo.  

You havent a clue how the "greats" actually do it - Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix they all sound so good and you WANT that ability! 

This book makes all that possible!

So how exactly do you go about soloing with this book?

First of all what we DON'T do is what most guitarists think they should do when they start soloing - which is to to jump in, head first and start with the Pentatonic Scale (5th fret) totally ignoring the bottom of the fretboard.

Instead we will work our way up using the essential scales from Blues, Country, Rock and Pop and then bring in riff's and the 5 essential techniaues needed to make your "noodling" a thing of the past and from now on you will be "soloing".

Now its your turn to play!

My students have loved working with this book and have been shocked at how easily they have put solo's together. And you will be too!

James starting working me through this book in our lessons.  I found it really easy to use and we had great fun putting the solo's together.  I've  loved every bit of it!    

Johnny P (Student for 2 years)

I've been wanting to play lead guitar for so long but hadn't clue where to start and this book made it so easy for me.  It works you through everything bit by bit and the riffs are really easy but are so useful I can play them in different places on the fretboard and I've covered the important scales as well.  Great book and can't wait to learn more.
 Ebay buyer.

I've been using this book now with James in lessons for 2 months.  He has made it so easy for me to understand and when I take it out at home to practice I know exactly what Ishoudl be doing and I'm starting to come up with my own ideas now - so cool to be able to sound like I'm playing a solo!

 Peter M (Student 3 months)

By the time you have worked through this book you will:

✅ Be confident which scale you should choose over the chords or backing tracks. 

✅ Have covered the 5 essential elements of soloing (and have some extra ideas in your "tool box").

✅ Have a greater understanding of the fretboard and the fretboard notes AND which scales and riffs fit over which chords and why they work.

✅ Be able to join in with other people playing and be confident that you can add a riff or solo to whatever is being played on top of your rhythm and chord playing.

✅ You will be closer to being an "all round" guitarist and not just stuck with a few chords and nothing else.

1. Can I use this book with Acoustic and Electric Guitar?

This book was designed to be used with either Acoustic or Electric guitar - so if you only have an acoustic no problem.

2. Who can use this book?

Anyone (even if you are only starting on guitar or have been playing a few months there is so much useful information its guaranteed to help you r playing.

3. I've already signed up to Get Playing Guitar Accelerator Program - will this help with the Program?

This is the perfect book to accompany the Get Playing Guitar Program.

Using your skills you've learnt in Get Playing Accelerator you will be able to join those together with the ideas in this book and come up with some cool sounding solos!

4. What type of music does this book suit?

You can use this book to play riffs and solo with Country, Rock, Pop, Blues and even use some ideas for Heavy Metal - the riffs are designed to be "flexible" and "moveable" to cover various styles of playing and tastes.

5. What if I get stuck?

No problem - you can shoot an email over to James and he'll be glad to help you out and give you some tips (and maybe some extra advice) to help get you moving again.

6. Can I pay in my own currency?

Yes! You just pay as normal and it will automatically take it out in your currency. 

Its time to grab your guitar and get soloing!

Grab the Get Playing Lead Guitar Book for just £9.99
FAQ:Can I buy in USD or another currency?   Yes!   You just pay as normal and it will automatically take it out in your currency

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